Posted March 26, 2024

Delta Mining and Paraguay Forge Ahead in Sustainable Hydropower for Major Data Center Expansion

By Jana Moraes

Delta Mining and Paraguay Forge Ahead in Sustainable Hydropower for Major Data Center Expansion

Chicago, IL – May 22nd, 2023 – Delta Mining LLC, also known as Delta Mining Paraguay S.A. (“Delta”), a frontrunner in South American high-performance data center operations, today announced a significant expansion with the signing of a PPA for a new 50MW data center in Ayolas, Paraguay. This development is adjacent to Delta’s existing 6MW facility and underscores the company’s commitment to sustainability and economic growth within the region.

Pioneering Sustainability: Delta’s 50MW Data Center Powered by Hydro Energy

Delta Mining is pleased to announce the signing of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and initial deposits for a 50MW Data Center in Ayolas, Paraguay. This ambitious initiative will require the construction of a new-build substation at 220kVA, alongside Delta Mining Paraguay S.A. existing 6MW site.

The project benefits from the lowest official crypto tariff available in the country, underscoring our commitment to economic as well as environmental sustainability.

As a colocation-focused Data Center operator, Delta is actively seeking partners to seek renewable-powered and sustainable locations for hosting either Gena AI GPUs or ASIC mining equipment.

Who is Delta Mining LLC?


Delta Mining is a renewable energy-focused mining and colocation provider, with operations focused in South America. As a US Domiciled company, we provide institutional mining partners access to vast and diversified reserves of green and renewable power through our portfolio of high-value power provision agreements.


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