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At Delta, we’re at the forefront of providing green energy solutions, emphasizing renewable energy systems and green hydrogen to power your future.
While we cater to diverse sectors, our efficient and sustainable energy offerings are perfect for supporting your Bitcoin mining projects.

Our Business


Mine Bitcoin

Delta Mining, a leader in sustainable Bitcoin mining, operates eco-efficient data centers in geographically diverse locations, that stand out in the colocation market for their economic efficiency. Regardless of Bitcoin price, our focus on strategic power solutions ensures that we remain at the bottom of the cost curve and a globally competitive mining solution for our clients.

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High Performance Computing Solutions

Delta Compute is building a Distributed computing solution leveraging the Bittensor neural network and our Renewably powered Bitcoin Mining Data Center infrastructure. If you are a client looking for Model training or a Data Center Compute provider looking to expand your operations, Delta Compute can provide you with the right solution for your goals.


Decentralized Finance

Delta’s proprietary Trade Signals are built on the Bittensor neural network and the innovative Subnet 8 by Taoshi. Subnet 8 functions like a traditional prop trader competition, with the major difference that it runs on the Bittensor network. Users/Traders compete via Delta’s TaoshiTrader trading Forex, Indices and Crypto for daily rewards. Delta’s Trade Signals are available via API, web3 Vault or Copy Trading for Delta De-Fi clients to apply in their “real world” trading and investment strategy.

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About Us

Delta has a global team focused on breaking down market barriers and connecting Green Energy generation with cutting-edge Green Tech.
Our goal is to stay ahead of the market needs and develop our 100% renewable energy systems in Emerging Markets – Latam, AMEA – where innovators will need them most.
We have teams ready to assist on the ground in many geographies – just reach out to our principal point of contact below.