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Data Center: Secure and Sustainable High-Performance Compute Centers powered by 100% Green Electricity

Customized Colocation Facilities



Delta Energy is at it’s core a renewable energy company. Our Secure Data Centers are powered by 100% green, renewable power sources. We have developed our own proprietary low-impact cooling technology, limiting water consumption and maximizing efficiency.


Contracting to Your Needs

Depending on the client’s needs, we offer turn-key ownership, Colocation, or high-quality Cloud computing services. In short, total flexibility depending on client goals.

Massive Opportunity


At Delta Energy, we understand the scaling needs of today’s leading compute providers.  Through our Trusted Power Provider Network © – Delta Compute has the flexibility to take on any size Data Center project, up to 100MW per site.

Operational Expertise

Operational Expertise

Our experienced EPC experts are ready to tackle any project at one of our power connection points in Paraguay or Brazil. We combine high-quality engineering expertise with affordable and dynamic boots-on-the-ground execution.

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Join the future of sustainable data centers!

Interested in leveraging our colocation facilities, exploring high-quality cloud computing services, or learning more about our 100% renewable energy-powered data centers? We are here to assist.

Whether you’re curious about our scalable data center projects, proprietary cooling technology, or operational expertise in Paraguay and Brazil, reach out to us.