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Meet our team

Whit Dhamer

Whit Dhamer


A native Chicagoan working 
in Agriculture technology and offshore business development 
for nearly 20yrs.

Get in touch with Whit for any Compute, Mining or H2 needs

Whit Dhamer

Jana Wäechter

Marketing Specialist

Dedicated SEO and digital marketing professional with 4 years of successful strategy implementation.

Whit Dhamer

Suresh Sanghani

Senior Data Engineer

Suresh brings over 7 years of expertise as a Data Engineer, specializing in transforming data into actionable insights.

Fernando Schmiegelow

Fernando Schmiegelow

Business Development

M.Sc and Ph.D – Sao Paulo based, with over 20 years of professional experience in strategic planning and technology management.

Get in touch with Fernando to speak about power partnerships or A.I. / High Performance Compute needs in Brazil.

Fernando Schmiegelow

Anderson Castorino


Anderson has founded and grown numerous international startups in Paraguay’s tech sector, playing a key role in the Bitcoin/Data Center economy.

Fernando Schmiegelow

Aldo Mendez

Project Engineer

Aldo is an Environmental Engineer specializing in industrial applications and sustainability.